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Did that title get your attention?

This post isn’t about submission in the sexual sense – if that was what you were looking for, sorry! That topic is reserved for posts in the future.

No, today we’re going to talk about how to be submissive for love. You don’t need to always submit to the man in your life, and in some cases you shouldn’t. Never submit to an abusive man. A submissive relationship should only be one built on love and trust.

If you’re ready and willing to submit to your man, you can transform your relationship into an electric, more passionate coupling and get the most out of your love. Ready to be a submissive girlfriend (or wife)? Read on for five great tips on How to Be Submissive for Love.

  1. Trust him.

Today’s society breeds people who are guarded, reserved, and generally unwilling to trust. Trusting your man should be a natural instinct, but we mean trusting him with your life. If he suggests something you might question (be that as simple as wanting to go to a restaurant you have doubts about), don’t shoot his ideas down. Let him take the lead for a while. He’ll feel valued, reliable, and more masculine.

  1. Always be open.

This tip coincides with the first one. Don’t be afraid to always let your man know how you feel or what you think. Obviously, use some discretion here — there are certain things you don’t need to share (mostly bathroom-related). However, being open with your man goes hand-in-hand with trust. Open communication is the foundation of a healthy, submissive relationship.

  1. Don’t be afraid of “not knowing” things.

There’s little more attractive than someone willing to say “I don’t know.” Admitting when you’re out of your element is a great invitation for him to come in and “save” you. Part of being submissive is that your man is the dominant. He’ll lead the way in most things; you just need to follow him.

  1. Let him take care of you.

A traditional man loves to take care of his woman. This makes him feel needed, and a man who feels wanted/needed usually feels more masculine. Does he want to pamper you with dates and gifts? Let him. Or is it something simpler, like helping you move something you can’t lift? Let him. And be sure to compliment him, so he feels more manly and inclined to “take care” of you. Supporting each other in this way is a major keystone in a submissive relationship.

  1. Take a walk with your feminine side.

A submissive relationship tends to tie in with more traditional gender roles, but you probably suspected that already. Be sure to always be well-dressed, polite, and kind. Your man will notice (and appreciate) this; there’s little a man likes more than a feminine woman’s love. Click here  for five tips on How to be Feminine and 10x More Attractive.

Did this article help you discover something new about yourself, or did it cement something you’d already known? A submissive relationship can be a rewarding one if done right! Feel free to like (and share) this article if it helped you be submissive for love.

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