How to Be Feminine and 10 times More Attractive

How to Be Feminine and 10x More Attractive


It’s trendy today to pretend men and women are the exact same. We get it: women can do anything men can. But you don’t have to. There’s something understated and refined about a traditionally feminine woman.

No, we don’t mean eschewing outdoorsy activities in favor of more domestic work, although you’re free to do that if you so wish. This simple guide explores five simple tricks ANY woman can use to instantly become more feminine (and more attractive). Surprisingly, none of these tricks require much effort.

Read on for five tips on How to Be Feminine and 10x More Attractive.

  1. Grow your hair out.

You rarely see a man with long hair, and that’s for good reason. Long hair is traditionally (and effortlessly) feminine. Looking to seem more womanly? Hair that reaches mid-back is a great way to do it.

  1. Dress to impress.

We know that sweatpants and old sneakers are comfy, but they’re just not girlish. Part of being feminine is your aura; the other part is your look. Dress the part with light colors, well-fitting clothes, dresses, skirts, and other accessories. Makeup optional.

  1. Be well-mannered and polite.

When you think lady-like, you probably don’t think of a woman swearing like a sailor. Obviously! Keeping a dignified mouth (and saying simple things like “please” and “thank you”) puts you ahead of most people. We’re not suggesting you become meek and quiet; feel free to express yourself. But mind how you express yourself and the tone with which you say it.

  1. Be kind.

I think we can all agree: Disney princesses are considered feminine. Why? Well, they’re gentle, well-mannered, and otherwise kind. That could be you! In a world that can often be unnecessarily cruel, kindness is more attractive than not.

Be nice. Combine this with your good manners and dressing the part, and you’ll be far more feminine (and attractive) than you’d be otherwise.

  1. Be receptive.

This tip might get the most flack, but it’s the most important one. Women are inherently feminine, as men are inherently masculine. Men want to give things to women they care about, but today’s women seem unwilling to receive.

Do you find yourself stammering for words when your man offers to do something nice for you? Do you feel guilty accepting a man’s help, or even accepting a present? Yes, some men use these actions to try to “get” something in return, but not all do.

When the right man offers you something (be it your husband offering to tidy up for you or your new beau offering to cover the check), don’t say anything other than “thank you.” Men want to give — feminine women receive. Receiving your man’s gifts will foster a healthy relationship where he feels he can provide for you and you feel lady-like and loved.

Difficult, we know.

Not really.

These five easy tricks are ALL you need to be more feminine. While there are likely more tips you can use, mastering these will quickly make you more feminine and more attractive (to men and women alike). Don’t be afraid to share this article if it helped you on the road to embracing your feminine self.

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