30 Romantic Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

When was the last time you went out with your spouse? Most married couples don’t get out often enough. Maybe it’s your busy schedule, maybe it’s an inability to get time away from the kids. Either way, you need more time with your spouse (and you both know it).

Get ready for some romantic ideas, be they lavish or simple. This guide is sure to have something fit for your lifestyle. Read on to find 30 Date Night Ideas for married couples.

1. Start simple with the classic date night: dinner and a movie.
2. Feeling intellectual? Tour a museum.
3. Pack a picnic and go walking on the beach.
4. Schedule a couple’s massage and let yourselves relax.
5. Go tasting at a local vineyard. Feeling extra special? Schedule something private for just the two of you.
6. Get competitive. Find a contest for something you two are interested in (cooking, sports, or otherwise) and enter it! Or make something up on your own.
7. Go out for breakfast instead of dinner.
8. Feeling nostalgic? Re-enact your first date.
9. Search for local events (a fair, a free show) in your area and enjoy a night out without wandering too far.
10. Walk around a lake together.
11. Go scavenger hunting together. Not sure of any hunts in your area? Search for “scavenger hunts near me” or try geocaching.
12. Laugh out loud at a comedy club.
13. Wind down at a cafe with your favorite coffee (or hot chocolate).
14. Take a cooking class together.
15. Stay in and have dinner by candlelight. Have kids? Schedule an out-of-home babysitter. This is about you.
16. Go out dancing. I don’t mean clubbing, but there’s no shame if that’s what you’re into. Look for salsa classes or similar near you.
17. Rent a boat (or kayak) and head out on the water together.
18. Go out to high tea.
19. Craving teamwork? Like mysteries? Look for an escape room. You’ll likely play with strangers, but it’s still tons of fun.
20. Stay in and play board games together.
21. Visit your local botanical garden.
22. Get physical. Take a hike together or go out for a run. Get your blood pumping!
23. Get touristy. Look up attractions in your area and take time to check them out.
24. Go to a local farmer’s market.
25. Tour a chocolate factory together. Mmm.
26. See a little-known band playing in your area.
27. Short on time? Go out for ice cream or another sweet treat.
28. Hit up trivia night.
29. Go bowling!
30. Want something more adventurous? Take a day trip to a city near you.

It doesn’t matter what date idea you choose, as long as you’re having fun and prioritizing each other. Think: is there anything you haven’t done in a while that you used to love? Take a blast from the past and have fun. It’s not the date that matters; it’s spending time together.

We hope this article got you thinking about romantic ideas for you and your beau. Don’t forget to share this article if it helped you!

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