A Guide To What Your Lingerie says About You

Wearing lingerie says a lot about your personality and your taste in love. One wears lingerie underneath their clothes and to bed, wanting to wear lingerie that is revealing describes what you look for in love and are hoping for, it also tells a lot about your personality.

A person who notices your choice of lingerie would be able to tell what you desire. Lingerie is a statement and whether you choose to wear sexy lingerie or luxury lingerie, it will tell the person what they are in for.

The lingerie you wear tells about who you would like to be with when alone. Here are some of the lingerie descriptions that could potentially suit your wardrobe. Choosing to wear a certain type of lingerie is a subconscious signal to indicate your inner most desires, you might not notice it but in most cases it will give a true description of your thoughts throughout the day. Read below and find out which lingerie descriptions suits you best.

Elegant Lingerie

When you buy elegant lingerie looking for a brand which focuses on elegance, you hope to find someone who is successful in life and is well off. The elegant lingerie shows that you want to be his sexy partner. The luck of the love blossoming depends on his chances of success at work whereas you stay your sexy elegant self to reward him for his hard work.

Sexy Thongs

If you choose to wear colorful and seductive thongs which reveal your bottom, it means you want a man who is willing to set his target on you. You like being told to dress conservatively and because you would like to please the man for telling you that, you try to comply. You are looking for a dominating person to be the fatherly person you crave to deeply school you on your choices and to take charge of you in bed and in life. You like a man who will be able to control over you and treat you like his keep.


It is one of the most old school ways to modify the way you look and help train your body to eat less and maintain the gorgeous hourglass figure you want. This shows your tolerance for putting up with pain in order to get what you want. You are persistent with your desires and are looking for a partner who would work to make the relationship work. You expect to put in effort in the relationship and hope for mutual effort in return.

You like commitment and something to stick to. Old movies may be to your liking and a man who understands your values and is ready to take charge of you in bed and in life.

Here is the guide that you desperately needed to know more about your inner desires, the way you dress tells a lot about you as a person. Sometimes it is easier to judge a book from its cover when you wear such revealing lingerie, just hoping to be grounded for your eagerness.

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