Are Body Suits taking over t-shirts?

Lacy body suits also called body teddy have existed since times immemorial. We have known body suit lingerie as a symbol of sexiness. This figure-hugging suit shapes the contours of a woman’s body. For a long while body suits have been limited to the bedroom, but not anymore.

Very recently we have seen the Kardashians sport body suits with jeans and skirts. Be it Kylie, Kim or Kendall we have seen some fine looks created with body suits. This means that along with liquid matte lippies the body suit is here to stay, so get rid of your boring old white t-shirt and replace them with some sexy body suits.

It’s about time we rethink our statement pieces and understand that inner wear options can also be worn as stand out pieces. This gives us more options to wear to a brunch, date night out or a party.

Here are some reasons why you need to throw away your basic tees and add some sexy body suits to cart:

  1. You can style in any way

The great thing about a body teddy is that it can be styled in many ways. We have seen some great looks created with jeans and skirts. You can also wear it under a tuxedo jacket or a shrug. The thing about body suit is that it promotes layering, so you can style it with a couple of statement pieces.

  1. Some bedroom fun

If you’re thinking of surprising your partner (In a positive way of course…) you can opt for a nice lacy body suit. Its always good to spice up your bedroom game with some sexy lingerie and what better way to don something as sensual as a body suit. Although it can be a little uncomfortable as its all revealing, but worry not you can always modify it,

  1. Shapely look

Body suits worn underneath function a lot like corsets. Their tightness helps the body look pulled together. Usually our clothes gather around or stick to us, to get rid of that a body teddy can help a lot. Also, you can hide that belly fat with a tight body suit that focuses on waist shaping.

  1. Enhances your curves

A body suit is made to fit around the contours of your body. It molds itself according to your figure. Hence if you need to show off your bod, a body suit is your wardrobe essential. If one thing we have learned from KimK its that you should worship your curves.

  1. One piece

A body suit is also a great clothing option because its one piece, a blouse and an underwear in one. When worn you don’t need to worry about revealing unwanted skin as the body suit will fit you snugly.


A body suit is hot, in fashion and makes you look super thin, which are all the reasons a girl needs to invest in them. Grab your favorite type and style it your way.

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