Choosing the Right Lingerie for Your Body Type

Are you looking for good lingerie for your body? When it comes to body shapes of women, there are plenty of sizes and shapes. Over the years, body types can be categorized into 5 main types. Women wearing lingerie for their partner is a cliché. Many women buy lingerie all the time, nowadays not as much as they want to, because the price has changed.

Lingerie can help you highlight the best parts of your body. It makes you feel sensuous, attractive, and good. Since every woman has a different body shape, the same lingerie might not work for everyone.

In order to find the right lingerie for your body type, you need to determine which asset do you want to highlight. After that, you can find the lingerie to accentuate it. To help you find the right lingerie type for your body, we have listed the lingerie that will suit your body type. Have a look.

Hourglass Shape

An hourglass shape has equally proportioned top and bottom. It is considered the most feminine shape. If you have this body type, you can get a corset. This is because a corset will cinch in the waist and make your hourglass figure more prominent.


Another common body type is a pear shape. In this body type, your upper body is smaller than the lower body. Keep in mind, it doesn’t mean you have a small bust. It just indicates you have a small top that tapers out.

The best lingerie for this type of body is babydolls as they are tight from the top and loose from the bottom. There are different kinds of babydolls, if you are small busted, you can go for a padded babydoll.

Inverted Triangle

This body type is the opposite of the pear shape. In this body type, women have a narrow waist and hips, broad shoulders, and a large bust. The perfect lingerie for this body type is a teddy. It will help in elongate your body and slim your shoulders. This will make you appear sexy.

When you are buying a bra, you can go for a simple one with a sleek panty with ruffles and frills. This will help in balancing your shape.


It is an athletic figure that is similar to hourglass shape but minus the tapered in the waist. You should go for lingerie that gives more definition to your waist. For instance, a flirty corset or camisole will be a great choice. Lacey details, frills or ruffles on the bust will flatter your body.


If you have wide hips and a large bust and are curvy, you have an apple body shape. You have the curves in the right place, lingerie must help in accentuating your favorite body parts. Shapewear will be useful for smoothing and enhancing your curves. While a chemise or babydolls will divert attention to your bust.

Therefore, with the help of these tips, you can find lingerie that will make you feel unstoppable and sexy.

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