Bodysuit, Teddy, or Romper?

One of the biggest confusions in the vast world of lingerie is the true difference between a bodysuit, teddy and a romper. If you’ve always wondered how the three (partially) differ from each other, hop on because we’re about to take you for an adventurous ride full of sexy lingerie knowledge.

The Similarities and Differences

While the three terms may be used interchangeably, these types of risqué lingerie do differ from each other in certain ways. The reason why the three are commonly mistaken for each other is because they are all a one-piece style of lingerie that have a top and a bottom which is connected to each other.

Different Brands, Different Names

The first difference between the three comes with a difference in brands. Since each lingerie brands wishes to maintain its uniqueness, they tend to name lingerie differently from each other. So, a style that may be called a teddy by one brand, can also be called a romper by a different one.

Age & Fashion

As most younger women claim, the term ‘teddy’ feels a little old and outdated. Newer brands that are targeting a younger population tend to avoid the use of this word while older brands that prefer remaining traditional use it to refer to almost the same item. Astonishingly, some brands may also use both ‘teddy’ and ‘romper’ for two products that slightly differ in style or material.

The terms romper and bodysuit are more commonly used by newer brands and usually represent an extensive focus on comfort while compromising some of the sexy and seductive element.

When They Should Be Worn

Another basic difference between a teddy and a romper is when exactly should the two be used. Typically, a teddy was designed specifically for a sexy date or wedding night lingerie. Made to fit the body like a glove, a teddy makes use of materials like sheer mesh, latex and lace. Conversely, a romper is associated with daily-use and comfort and was designed to be used as casual loungewear or a sleeping suit that is still considered lingerie.

A Modern-Day Phenomenon

Despite these few differences, many brands continue to change their ranges of teddys and rompers to fit the needs of the evolving market. For example, once the teddy had fully evolved into a sexy date-night couture lingerie style, many brands are now reversing it back to a slightly casual, loose-fit version.

The best part about these modern-day brands is the amount of creativity they put forth into these lingerie styles. Taking much inspiration from the vintage era, these contemporary brands are now designing modest versions of a teddy and interchangeably using the names romper and bodysuit.

The Real Question: Is a Teddy and a Bodysuit the Same Thing?

While there is no fixed answer to this question, it can be inferred that the answer is somewhat subjective. A highly fitted teddy that has high-cut legs is likely to be considered a bodysuit as the main purpose of this design is to promote seductiveness. A typical bodysuit, however, has a much different purpose. Bodysuits are considered to be an undergarment that is very functional and can be used in many different ways, including as lingerie, loungewear or even for exercise.

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