How To Be Seductive Wearing Lingerie

Lingerie is meant to seduce your lover’s body, soul and eye. The look of you in the hottest teddie or corset should make him fall to his knees in admiration. Lingerie is an amazing and effective way to drive your partner wild and liven up your sex live. But not many women feel confident that they can properly pull off wearing lingerie for their partner. But that’s where they’re wrong – any woman can wear it! She just needs to know how to flaunt it! Here are some tips on how to be seductive while wearing sexy lingerie pieces:

  1. Be comfortable

The first thing you’ll want to be is comfortable in whatever piece of erotic lingerie piece you wear. If you’re self-conscious about your tummy, you can always opt for a sexy babydoll nightgown. Or maybe you want to show off your curves and a bustier is perfect for it! Whatever it is, being comfortable in what you’re wearing will help boost your confidence so that you can focus on seducing your partner in bed.


  1. Add props

Lingerie alone is enough to seduce your partners, but if you really want to them crazy, then think about adding props! Things like bondage accessories for a night straight out of a “Fifty Shades of Grey” novel or any sex toys that you’re comfortable with can really make the entire experience sexier. Watching you engage in such sexual acts while wearing sensual lingerie will forever be engrained in their brain!


  1. Set the mood

Once you’ve figured out what fetish lingerie pieces you’ll be wearing for some fun later that night, don’t forget to come up with a plan to set the mood for the special night. Make a romantic dinner, set the lights, find some sexy tunes and whatever else you can come up with to get the mood just right for some bedroom fun!


  1. Put on a show

To heighten the mood, why not give your partner a sexy lap dance, strutting your stuff in the hottest bdsm lingerie around! You can either go with the flow and dance in the moment or you can rehearse some moves in the mirror before the big show to feel comfortable in your sexy routine! Whatever makes you feel more comfortable in your lingerie bodysuit or sexy thongs works!

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