When To Wear A Lingerie

Wearing lingerie is a fun experience especially if it fulfills the purpose it was intended for. It makes you feel good, sensual, alluring and overall irresistible to your partner. The satisfaction derived from wearing lingerie can be intoxicating, you look forward to wearing it every day.

But then, regardless of how good you feel, wearing lingerie every day to bed is almost impossible. The reason is that life happens. For the woman who goes to work five days a week and has children and laundry to worry about over the weekend, wearing lingerie for her spouse would be the last thing on her mind.

For men who work till late hours of the night and must be up as early as possible, seeing your wife in thong or teddy clothing every night will not be so exciting to you. These are all part of the reason spouses drift apart. This article is written to help you maintain a balance in your relationship. An extra effort on your part as the woman could be taken to wear your lingerie on particular occasions like;

Wedding Anniversary: Wearing lingerie on your wedding anniversary is a great way to make yourself and your spouse feel good. If it has become a tradition for both of you, it keeps him looking forward to your next anniversary and wondering what costume you would have on.

Wedding Night: What better occasion to show off your sexiness in a white babydoll nightgown than your wedding night? It makes your spouse appreciate the fact that you are now one. It gives him a beautiful idea of what living with you would be like and a great reason to always come back home to you.

Valentine’s Day: This is a day for lovers all around the world. Treat your spouse to an evening of love, dirty deeds, and lasting memories. Have a bath ready for him with scented oil, candles, and soft erotic music before he gets home. Ensure you are waiting to greet him with a kiss and a hug in your bodysuit lingerie. You will have his blood pumping and his heart racing even before the action for night begins.

Birthdays: Birthdays are another occasion to get naughty and sensual. It doesn’t matter if it’s your birthday or his, what better way to end or begin a wonderful year than having a memorable night that will keep you and your spouse wishing every day will be like that.

Naughty Days: These are days where there is no special event happening for you and your spouse, but you want to make it special. It could be on a weekend when you are both at home, and you want to be all naughty and sassy around him. Put on a silky transparent robe over a matching thong and bra and do a little catwalk or parade in front of him, you would have him chasing you around.

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