How To Wear Your Lingerie Outside The Bedroom

Some women restrict sexiness to only the bedroom. They are super-hot in the bedroom and very cold outside it. This kind of women have all the sexy lingerie, the latest luxury lingerie and are regulars on the popular lingerie websites.  But the sad thing is they don’t know what to do with all this sexiness and luxury outside the bedroom. They don’t know what sort of lingerie would be best suited for what clothing.

If you are a beginner in lingerie wearing, it can be a bit difficult for you to come up with what to wear over one of your favorite lingerie outside the house. If you are one of such women, worry not as this article is about lingerie and how best to style them underneath your clothes outside the bedroom.

Thong: The sexy thong, a regular outfit for women who are into it. But for women who don’t know what to do with their thong, or who does not seem to understand the hype over thong wearing, keep reading and see what women love about sexy thongs. A lot of women and even men complain about pant lines showing underneath clothes. It’s a common wardrobe mistake that women make. In order to give your body a seamless appearance, the G-string was introduced. A lot of women complained about not feeling very comfortable with the slimness of the G-string. For such people, their go-to seamless underwear is the thong pants.

Corset: The corset has been in existence as far back as the 16th century; this form of lingerie is used to fit a woman into that envied hourglass shape. The look is achieved by squeezing the body in the middle. This style of underwear will come in handy especially for women who like their figure to always make a statement in whatever outfit they wear.

Corset squeezes the body at the middle and transfers the extra skin to the hip and boob, giving both area a more accentuated look and the woman an hourglass shape. A corset is best styled with body-fitted gowns and clothes made with materials that are clingy.

Bustier: The bustier is a sleeveless, body fitting and strapless material that accentuates your cleavage and flatters your waist.  The purpose of the bustier is to lift the breast higher. It serves as a form of chest push up. It is the perfect lingerie for that woman who likes her cleavage to be the center of attention. Most traditional wedding dresses are worn with a bustier underneath it, to give your boobs a better fit inside the outfit.

Bra: Bra generally is part of a woman’s everyday underwear routine. But the question is, are you wearing the bra well? Do you know what sort of bra best fits what cloth? Wearing a lacy bra inside a smooth black turtle neck top would draw unwanted attention to your boobs. Same goes for wearing a colorful bra inside a backless dress. The choice of clothes we intend to wear should serve as a guide for us in picking a suitable bra, in other to avoid wardrobe mishap.

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