Type Of Lingerie

Lingerie in this modern time serves the purpose of being just more than a piece of cloth women wear for various reasons, but a sexual stimulation to the eye. It helps to accentuate the sensual attributes of a woman and makes her look sexually appealing to her spouse.

The Corset. The corset is used to fit a woman into that envied hourglass shape; the shape is attained by squeezing the body at the middle. It automatically transfers the extra flesh to the burst and hip area creating the impression of a tiny waist. This method has been in exitance right from the 16th century.

The Girdle. The girdle is a more comfortable version of the corset; it’s worn to give the impression of an even and smooth body figure especially for women that have a big stomach. It has fasteners at the back or in front that’s used to hold the girdle in place. In recent times, girdle comes in different styles and designs.

The Bra. The bra has been in existence as far back as the early 1990s; it’s a piece of material women use in holding the breast in place. It has straps and clamps at the back or in front to keep them in place. Some are padded while others are not depending on your choice. They are made with various form of materials.

Babydoll. Babydoll lingerie is a highly provocative piece; it’s short and ends typically up above the knee. The material is transparent and made of nylon, silk or chiffon. It has trimmings of fur, lace, ribbons and spaghetti straps. It can be naughty, very sensual, classy and elegant. For a woman who intends to wow her husband, this look will do the magic.

Bodysuit. This form of lingerie makes a statement, and it flatters a woman’s curves. This one-piece lingerie has buttons or clips around the crotch. It is styled in different ways, and it suits all body shape.

Bustier. The bustier is a sleeveless, body fitting and strapless material that accentuates your cleavage and flatters your waist.  The purpose of the bustier is to lift the breast higher. It serves as a form of push up. For a woman trying to pull off that sexy look but needs assistance with her boobs, the bustier is your go-to lingerie.

Teddy. The Teddy is the combination of a camisole and a knicker into one piece with fasteners at the crotch. It looks very much like the bodysuit, but it has more bit of clothing underneath.

Thong. The Thong is a sexy piece of lingerie that can be paired with a matching bra or a matching camisole. It accentuates the ass and is an excellent choice for a quickie.  

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