Tips On How To Pick A Lingerie Party Outfit

Lingerie partying seems to be a new trend; it’s a way to have fun while being comfortable with your body. A typical lingerie party will be a house party or at the club depending on the party style.

It’s a daring and sensual way to have fun, flaunt your body and generally feel good about yourself. The idea of attending a lingerie party especially for a first-timer might be a little overwhelming and confusing especially, when you think about what to wear.

Another challenging aspect of the lingerie party is considering what looks to pull off. Should your look be playful, sophisticated, fun, flirty, feminine, or modest? All these are questions that run through your mind when selecting an outfit for a lingerie party. For the men, it’s easier for them to decide because there isn’t much to choose from. A pair of boxer short and robe is perfect. For the guy who is not comfortable showing his stomach, a boxer short paired with a T-shirt and he’s good to go.

Women have a lot of options to choose from, hence the confusion. Whatever look you decide to pull off, there are three basic things you should consider while making that choice.

Be Comfortable

If you settle for lingerie that you are not comfortable in, either because it’s too revealing, it’s too tight, or because it’s not your style, you would end up being miserable, uncomfortable and self-conscious all through the party.  If you are a conservative person, settle for lingerie less revealing. You can pair a jean with a camisole top, babydoll nightie or a sequin bodysuit.

Put Out Your Best Side

Before deciding on what look to pull off for the party, consider putting on lingerie that will accentuate your best assets. It’s a beautiful way to remain confident throughout the party. Showing off your best assets implies that you are putting your best foot forward. It helps you stay in control even when you feel threatened about your choice of lingerie. For women whose best asset is their boobs, consider pairing a bustier with a jean. For other women whose asset are their legs or bum, a matching bra and pant set would give you that sexy and alluring look.

Hide Your Flaws

Yes, hide your flaws! You don’t want to be at the party and assume everyone is making a jest of your butt or your knocking knee. You are there to have fun; the idea is to keep your flaws to yourself and show everyone around your best part.  If you are conscious about your stomach or mid-section, don’t wear just a bra or anything that would reveal that part of you. Consider wearing lace bodysuit tucked into high waist jeans or shorts

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