How to Care for Your Lingerie

Luxury lingerie are expensive and could cost a small fortune, especially if you are into designer lingerie. After spending so much on bra and pant sets, babydoll nighties, sexy thongs and other sleepwear, you shouldn’t shy away from learning how to take care of it in other to keep it looking brand new every time you wear it and ensure it lasts long in your wardrobe.

Having to wash your lingerie can be a daunting task as it requires patience, time and energy. Bear in mind that each underwear has different materials and texture. You would want to take your time to preserve the original color, the shape, the texture, and ensure that you enjoy the quality of such material. The simple steps below should guide you on how to take care of your lingerie collection:

Wash Separately: Just like washing your everyday clothes, dark-colored and bright-colored lingerie should not be washed together. Wash in separate loads or one after the other. The reason behind this is to avoid colors running into another unless you want a white thong or bustier turning to pink.

Avoid Harsh Soap: Lingerie most times are usually in very light and soft materials. You want to avoid using harsh soaps or detergent while washing as this might end up ruining the original texture of your lingerie. Some cleansers might even shrink your sexy lingerie.

Rinse Thoroughly: After washing, rinse your lingerie thoroughly as soap left unrinsed tends to spoil and dry out the texture of your undergarment. Make sure all traces of detergent are removed before attempting to dry. You wouldn’t want your babydoll pajamas having the map of Europe when it dries on it, would you?

Do Not Squeeze: After washing and thoroughly rinsing your lingerie, do not press to remove water as this will make it lose its original form or fitting. What you do is to leave to dry in a warm, not hot environment. If you feel you want sunlight to heat it up a bit, do not leave it out for too long, as sunlight would make the color fade fast.

Hand Wash: The use of a washing machine to wash your lingerie is highly discouraged as this tends to shrink or destroy the elasticity of your undergarment. Hand wash your underwear yourself and carefully clean the padded areas.

Never Wash After Each Use: Your lingerie except for your pants doesn’t need a wash every single time you use it. Depending on how you wear it, you can wash every 3 to 4 times after each wear. Constant washing of your lingerie will destroy the material’s elasticity, support, and structure.

Check the Tag for care instructions: Every lingerie comes in different materials that each have a recommended way of washing and caring for it. It’s advisable you check the label before disposing of it for the best way to wash and care for your undergarment.

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