What Your Underwear Says About You

Women across the world have various preference when it comes to selecting underwear. Their choice of underwear may be attributed to multiple reasons. A woman’s choice of undergarment most time is determined by her emotions. If she’s feeling sexy today or if all she needs is just comfort, her underwear can tell you.

A lady’s choice of pants can also be as a result of her personality and style. Some women like cotton underwear because of its health benefits and how conservative it is.

Some other women would prefer silky underwear because they look more feminine while others might feel since they are more expensive to purchase; it gives them class and style.

Regardless of what your preferences is, there are some basic things your underwear say about you that you might not be aware of.

Boy Shorts: If you fall into this category, you are a fun and friendly person. At the same time, you are not materialistic, athletic or innovative. You are comfortable in your body, and you dress up for yourself alone. You do not care about what people think or say.

Thong: Ladies who prefer thongs are confident, and love being the center of attention. They are fierce, sexy as hell and your regular risk taker kind of girl. They do not conform to society standard and are open to trying new things.

Lace: Lovers of lace are classy, elegant, sexy and usually successful women who appreciate luxury lingerie in various styles. They are women who are confident and go-getters; they enjoy their feminine power and are not afraid to wield it any day and at any time.

Silk: If silk is your style, you are considered classy, sensual, sexy, passionate and a fierce lover. You appreciate the beautiful things of life, and you live in the moment. Your sleep-in underwear is the babydoll nightie because you enjoy the feel of silk on your body!

Cotton: Women who like cotton pants are considered neat, organized, practical and antisocial. They are very hygienic and conservative. They are not considered risk takers and love to remain in their comfort zone.

Granny Pants: The attractive traits about these wearers is they are conservative, detailed oriented and practical people. They don’t see the fuss of spending so much on silk or lacy underwear. They are comfortable with their choice of underwear and don’t give a hoot what other people think about their decision.

Bikini: if you are a lover of this, it means you are neat and like to be comfortable. You don’t take nonsense from anyone and don’t have time for gossip. You are free-spirited, and your patience level is zero when it comes to paying attention to a man. You are the type who wants a house on the beach someday where you sunbath and forget all your worries.

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