12 Rules of Wedding Night Sex

Once upon a time wedding night sex was memorable because it was supposed to be the bride and groom’s first time having intercourse.

Well, a lot has changed over the years and more often than not, neither member of the newly married couple is a virgin. However, wedding night sex should still be as special as your first time; in fact, more so since it signifies your first night together as a married couple.

With that in mind, here are some tips to ensure your wedding night sex is white hot.

Hold Off on the Honeymoon

Your wedding night should be a special night you have together where you concentrate on the moment and don’t think too much about tomorrow. However, if you have to get on a plane the next day to head off on your honeymoon, you may be dealing with added stress that will make your time together less enjoyable.

For this reason, it may be better to give yourself a day to relax before heading off on your honeymoon.

Tell Her She Looked Beautiful

When it comes to wedding night tips for groom, telling your new wife how beautiful she looked can work as an unexpected aphrodisiac while giving you some much needed husband points.

Wedding planning takes months and a woman will devote much of that time to finding a wedding dress and accessories and deciding on the makeup and hairstyle that will make her look her best. Taking the time to show your wife you noticed and appreciated the time and care she took with her wedding day look is sure to get you some serious marriage credit.

What’s more, compliments can help you feel more confident and sexier, so you perform better in bed. It is for this reason that husbands should not only take time out to acknowledge their wife’s beauty, but women should do the same for their husbands. Be sure to tell him how handsome he looked in his suit before things start getting crazy.

Take Time Out to Talk

Wedding night sex is something that is much anticipated, and a bride and groom may feel like they just can’t wait to rip each other’s clothing off. However, taking time to have a conversation will be a bonding moment that can increase intimacy and help you enjoy your wedding night even more.

Be sure to take a moment to cuddle while you talk about how awkward Aunt Sally’s dress was, how weird Uncle Henry looked when he danced and why you are both so glad you didn’t seat Cousin Mitchell next to Grandma Harriette.

Enjoy a Snack

With all the excitement, it’s likely you didn’t eat a lot at your wedding. If your blood sugar is low, it could be hard to, um, get it up. Make sure to fix a snack that you and your bride can enjoy before you get down to business.

Don’t Drink Too Much

There is also likely to be a good amount of alcohol at your wedding. However, if you want an exciting night of sex, you will refrain from drinking too much. Excessive liquor is another way to ensure you won’t be able to get it up for your wedding sex.

Wedding Night Sex Toys

If you want to make your wedding night sex special, you might want to introduce a different element. Toys can be the perfect thing.

If you have never played with sex toys with your new wife before, it is best to take it slow. If you whip out a dildo, she may get turned off. If you are unsure of what toys you want to introduce, here are a few she will probably enjoy.

  • Massage oil
  • Flavored lube
  • Bubble bath lotion

If you are certain that your woman will enjoy toys, the sky is the limit. In general, vibrators are a favorite among women as they are guaranteed to stimulate the clitoris and produce an orgasm. There are many different vibrators on the market, some with very advanced features. Look around to find one that you think she will enjoy.

If your wife is on the kinkier side and you have already experimented with hardcore toys, she might enjoy any of the following:

  • Anal beads
  • Rope
  • Handcuffs
  • Chastity Belts
  • Butt Plugs
  • Whips
  • Dildos
  • Cock Rings

Remember, these items can be just as much fun for the man as they are for the woman.

Make the Foreplay Extra Special

To build up excitement, you can take the foreplay to the next level. Taking a bath together is a good way to start.

You can also give each other massages. Not only will this make you both relaxed and horny, it increases blood flow making for more stimulation in the genital area.

You can also work on teasing your spouse going slowly to make them horny before having sex with them.

This foreplay can even start at your wedding party. Of course, you would need to make any type of foreplay discreet, but little moves on the dance floor and playing footsie under the table are both ways you can make your partner excited to the point where they will barely be able to wait until they can get you alone.

Take Care of Down There

Let’s face it, no one likes an excess amount of hair when they are getting intimate with their partner…unless you’re into that sort of thing.

If you are preparing for wedding night sex, think of paying extra attention when shaving unwanted body hair. You may even want to go in for an all over body wax.

And remember, wedding night preparation isn’t only for the bride. Wedding night preparation for groom should include a bit of manscaping as well. Make sure pubic hair is trimmed or shaved and watch out for back hair.

If your wife does not enjoy chest hair, why not give her a treat and get rid of it for the occasion?

Wedding Night Lingerie

The lingerie you wear on your wedding night is almost as important as what you wear on your wedding day. Many brides will choose to wear lingerie that mimics a wedding dress. They might wear teddies, chemises or other articles of clothing that are silky, lacy and white. They may wear fishnet complete with their wedding garter.

However, it is important to remember that there is plenty of wedding night lingerie that is not white. Brides can do a naughty takeoff on wedding lingerie wearing something that mimics a black wedding dress.

On the other hand, they can just wear something super sexy that they feel flatters them no matter what color it is. If you are looking for alternatives to white, black is always sexy, but a deep red, royal blue or shocking pink will also be guaranteed to get your husband’s heart racing.

And it’s not only up to the bride to wear something sexy. While a g-string might not be flattering on every man, it’s a good idea to invest in a designer pair of boxer briefs for your wedding night. Anything but those Hanes dealies with the holes in them!

Set the Scene

There are plenty of ways you can make a romantic setting that will be ideal for wedding night sex. Be sure to dim the lights, or better yet, turn them off completely and use candles instead. Scented candles that smell sweet will be ideal in getting him excited.

Be sure to play some romantic music and you can even up the sexy factor by scattering rose petals around the room.

Sensual materials can also make the bedroom a sexier place. For your wedding night, why not surprise your spouse by investing in satiny sheets that will make you feel like rolling around with each other for hours?

Try a Week of Celibacy

If you want to make things really hot, refrain from sex for a week before your wedding night. That way, when you go get to be together again, you will be so horny, things will be hotter than ever.

Practice Safe Sex

Everyone uses different methods of protection and most agree that condoms aren’t the sexiest. But you know what’s even less sexy? An unwanted pregnancy on your wedding night.

If you use condoms, there are plenty of ways to make birth control sexy. Women can put condoms on their men with their feet, mouths or other body parts if they are flexible and creative.

You can also buy condoms that are designed to increase pleasure such as ones that are ribbed or ultra thin. Or you can get kinky by using flavored condoms, glow in the dark condoms, and the list goes on.

Your wedding night is definitely the night you will want to take sex to the next level. Make sure you are able to perform at your best and add little touches that will make your night special. This will be a great way to kick off your new life together. We wish a successful and long-lasting marriage.

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