10 Proven Ways to Seduce Your Man

There are many reasons a woman would want to seduce a man.

Maybe they have been friends for a while and the woman wants to take it to the next level. Maybe they just met, and she wants to make it clear that she wants the relationship to go somewhere. Maybe she is looking to get an ex back, or maybe she just wants to drive her boyfriend wild.

It can be tough for a woman to seduce a man. Even with the rise of feminism, women are still seen as the ones who should wait until a man approaches her. It can be difficult for a woman to be aggressive in this capacity. However, some men are shy or let’s face it, clueless, and they might need that green light before making a move.

If you are in a relationship that you want to take to the next level, here are some ways to seduce him and make him want you bad.

Use Your Eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul.

Research has shown that when two people interact, even if all they do is look each other in the eye, they immediately feel more attached to each other.

If you want to establish a connection with a man, don’t be afraid to look him in the eyes. And this is about more than flirting.

Look him in the eyes while smiling, talking to him and whatever other communication you may have. Winking and raising an eyebrow are other small signals that will keep him engaged.

Haven’t started talking yet but you have the feeling he’s the one? Look at him from across a crowded room. There’s a good chance he’ll walk over to you.

Eye contact is one of the most effective ways to seduce a man.


If you are wondering how to seduce any man, try smiling.

A smile is a great way to open up your face and show you are friendly, interested and having fun. But there are many different smiles you can use, and each will send a different message.

A sly smile with a subtle chuckle will make you seem more mysterious and alluring. A smirk can be used to gently tease him. A genuine smile will let him know you are interested in his emotions and what he has to say.

But this is only the beginning. There are so many different types of smiles. Experiment to find out how they can work to build a connection between you and your man.

Body Language

If you are wondering how to entice a man, body language can say it all.

Keeping your hands folded across your body or facing away from him will let him know you are not interested. On the other hand, if you put your hands on your hips or prop them up on the table, it will let him know you have his full attention.

A hair flip is another fun, flirty sexy seduce move that is sure to catch his interest.

Touch Him

If you really want a guy to know you’re interested, touching him can be the best way to do so.

Of course, you want to be subtle, but you also need to know where to touch a man to seduce him. Putting a hand on his arm, bicep, shoulder or back will be enough to get his attention, but it will also be telling him you want him. (You can even touch him on the thigh if you’re really brave).

More often than not, if you touch a guy a few times, he will begin touching you back opening the door for more physical contact.

Send Seductive Texts

Once your relationship progresses, you can send seductive texts to keep him interested. If you are wondering how to seduce a man with words, this is how to do it.

You can use texts to let him know you are thinking of him, just say hello or remind him of your last time together and get him looking forward to the next.

There are several kinds of messages you can send to your man to seduce him, but remember, there is a fine line between seduction and sex. Sexting maybe better left to when your relationship is more established.

Sending dick or breast pics are not best at this stage. However, here are examples of texts you can send that are great for seducing a man.

  • Last night was a lot of fun.
  • You’re a great kisser.
  • Can’t wait until I see you again.

Be Confident

There’s no doubt about it, confidence is sexy. No man is going to be seduced by a woman who is unsure of herself, mumbles her words or seems like she doesn’t know what to say.

Of course, every woman has times when she is unsure of herself, but confidence can be easy to turn on and even fake if necessary. If you are wondering how to be seductive while exuding confidence, here are some tips.

  • Body Language: Body language is very important in exuding confidence. Be sure to always stand straight with your shoulders back. This is not only a great tip for how to present yourself when you are around a man you want to seduce but it is something you should try to adopt in your everyday life.
  • Receive Compliments Well: Every woman should receive compliments as if she gets them all the time. If a man you like compliments you, look him straight in the eye and say thank you.
  • Wear Flattering Clothing: If you are working on seducing a guy, there is no need to wear overly sexy clothing like super short skirts and plunging necklines. Rather, go for outfits that make you look good and feel comfortable.

Show Off Your Intelligence

It is a bit of a myth that men like women who aren’t smart. However, this is quite far from the truth. Many men are actually turned on by intelligence.

If you are wondering how to mentally seduce a man, you can do so by providing him with information he will appreciate and be able to use later in life. You can also look for common interests like books and pieces of art and impress him by making him aware of how knowledgeable you are on the subject.

However, women should stay away from showing off her intelligence to where she makes her man look stupid. Even if he says something you know may be incorrect, it may be best not to correct him.

If this happens too often though, his lack of intelligence could mean he’s not the best match for you. Consider using him for his body and moving on.

Run Hot and Cold

We all know the expression… it’s not the kill, it’s the thrill of the chase.

One of the best seduction tips is to run a little hot and cold in your relationship with a man. When you are with him, you can act as if you love him. Then, just when he thinks he has you under his thumb, don’t call for a couple of days, or don’t answer his calls. When he does call, act a bit distracted and uninterested.

You can keep doing this until the man steps up his game and shows he’s interested. However, if a serious relationship begins to develop, it’s best to refrain from the game playing.

Seduce Him on the Dance Floor

The dance floor is a great place to use your seduction techniques for a man. You can be sexy and have a good time without any awkward conversation.

Of course, dirty dancing is a possibility but if you grind on him, he just might freak out. Instead, make eye contact, grab his hand and pull him out on the dance floor. Loosen up, smile and make sure to do a lot of over the hip touching to let him know you’re interested.

Have Some Deliberate Accidents

One of the best seduction techniques to use on men is to touch them. However, if you are shy or just can’t think of how to start a conversation that can lead to some physical contact, you can always create some situations where touching comes into play.

Try ‘tripping’ a bit and grab onto their arm or leg to steady themselves. Drop something near to them in the hopes that you can both try to pick it up at the same time. These are all great ways to initiate touching, eye contact and dialogue.

Not That You’ve Got Him…

These are all great ways to seduce a man to get him in a relationship…or maybe just into bed.

But once you have him, if you want to keep him, it’s important to keep the relationship exciting by making seduction a part of your everyday life. Here are some suggestions for keeping your man interested even after the catch.

Take Date Night to the Next Level: Date night doesn’t have to be about dinner and a movie or snuggling on the couch together. While these are all great ways for couples to enjoy their time, be sure to devote nights to bringing the sexy back.

Date nights can start at home with a romantic dinner…or maybe skip dinner entirely and feast on each other instead! Little touches like lingerie, low lighting, massages and sex toys can make your night adventurous and keep things new and fresh.

Send Sexy Texts: Now that you are in an established relationship, you can turn the sexting up to 11. Don’t be afraid to take time out to tell him you want him now or let him know about the things you’ll do to him next time you see him. And as for the sexy pics…feel free to send away!

Give Him Signs in Public: A public place might not be the best location for ripping each other’s clothes off, but you can still give him little signs that will make both of you want to run home immediately. Playing footsie under the table, touching him in a certain way and even a facial expression can work to get him hot, no matter where you are.

Experiment: Things can get ho hum in a relationship after a while. Try branching out by using different toys in the bedroom. You can even explore BDSM. This can be a big step for some couples, but you can start out with some light spanking and see how things progress from there.

If you are wondering how women seduce men, these are all great ways to do it. Little things you say, the way you act, and your body language will all come into play when it comes to how to seduce someone. Which ones will you be trying to let him know you’re interested?

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