Lingerie Brands to Buy Her: From Sexy to Sophisticated

Do you panic every time you need to buy your woman a gift? Are you convinced that no matter what you buy her, she is sure not to like it, return it immediately and break up with you as soon as possible?

Well sexy classy lingerie can make a great gift. She’ll love it because it makes her feel sexy and you’ll love it because it makes her look irresistible.

But now that you’ve settled on what to buy her, a new type of panic sets in. What type of lingerie will she prefer? What size is she? What material lingerie is best?

Well never fear. This article will provide you with information about some sexy but classy lingerie she is sure to love.

Know Her Size

Nothing can be worse than buying her lingerie that doesn’t fit. Not only will she have to return it, she might find your misjudgment to be insulting.

Both panty size and bra size will come into play so get ready to sneak into her underwear draw to take a peek at what size she is wearing. For panties, you may also be able to determine her size based on her jeans size.

Be warned that some women have trouble finding bras that fit. If this is an issue for your woman, try one of the sexiest underwear brands, Chantelle. Their bras are known for being comfortable and accommodating women with unusual proportions.

Know Her Bra Style

There are several different styles of bras out there and the one you purchase can make all the difference. Balconette bras are generally best for women with larger breasts as they lift the cleavage without overdoing it.

If you are looking for the best sexy lingerie brands that sell balconette bras, we recommend Heidi Klum’s Intimates, specifically the Sofia Contour Bra.

Triangle bras are better for women with smaller busts. If you are looking for a sexy lingerie companies with a wide range of triangle bras, Love and Lemons have a great line of vintage inspired floral prints.

Rose for Autographs is a company that offers variety when it comes to the fit of the bra guaranteeing they’ll be one that is comfortable for your lady.

If you are not sure which bra will be best for her, you can try to peruse her bras, or, if all else fails, ask the sales staff for help.

Getting the Color Right

When we think of classy sexy lingerie, we might think of colors like red or black. However, when it comes to colors of lingerie, almost every color of the rainbow is available.

Start by thinking of the colors of sexy lingerie for girlfriend that suit her personality. If she is extroverted, she might like a bright pink or blue. If her nature is sweeter and demurer, she may prefer a muted color like a light pink or a deep red or green.

You should also think of the colors that best complement her complexion. If you are not sure what colors work best with her, you can look online to find out what colors are recommended for someone with her coloring.

You can also think about the colors she wears most often. It is likely those are the colors that she finds most complementary.

Another option is to ask the salesperson their opinion.

And if all else fails, opt for black. Black is a sexy color that works well with almost any complexion and is suitable for most personalities.

If you are looking for lingerie brands that offer a wide selection of colors, Victoria’s Secret and L’Agent (an Agent Provocateur spin off) is highly recommended.

Think Beyond the Bra

When we think of sexy sophisticated lingerie that is also practical, bra and panties may be the first pieces that come to mind. However, bras can be complicated when considering fit and style.

If you would rather not deal with it, there are plenty of other pieces that can be worn for bedroom play or lounging around the house. These pieces may not be as practical, but she may just enjoy the frivolity they offer.

Teddies, chemises, baby doll and body suits are all terrific alternatives. If these items are high quality and offer enough coverage, she may even choose to wear them with a pair of pants or a skirt for a night out on the town.

If you are looking for a classy body suit, the Canadian brand Temptations Avenue has two lines of high quality, luxurious and European made bodysuits. Check out their Elegant & Sensual for as well as their Erotic & Wild bodysuits collections.

Another lingerie item that is practical and sexy is the kimono. She can throw one on while lounging around the house, getting ready to go out or over a lingerie set to elevate the look to movie star status.

The Diana Kimono from Gilda and Pearl is a great kimono choice because its high fashion lingerie that is both kinky and practical.

It is see-through, has red, fluffy trimming on the sleeves and it comes with a thong that has a red fluffy pom-pom on the back. No need for anything else…this makes a full set, although your lady can also wear the kimono separately as a robe.

If the Diana Kimono is out of your price range, Boux Avenue is another one of the sexiest lingerie brands and they have great satin kimonos in almost every color of the rainbow. They make the perfect complement for almost any bra and panty set.

Kinky Accessories Can Take it to the Next Level

If you buy her lingerie, she may find it a turn on, or she may find that it’s practical item she can really use. For instance, a bra and panties set can be sexy, but she might just see these as items that she can wear under her clothing.

While your lady might appreciate you buying her a practical gift, most men will want there to be no mistaking…if you are buying her something sexy, you expect to see her wearing it, and preferably in the bedroom before sex.

To make sure you get your message across, be sure to give her lingerie accompanied by a kinky gift. A blindfold will work nicely.


If you have not had many BDSM experiences with your wife or girlfriend, getting the blindfold may be a bit of a shock. However, the right blindfold will be so luxurious she won’t be able to resist it.


Coco de Mer has an Alis blindfold that comes in a delicate rose color that makes it glamorous but not intense and perfect for beginners.


Another item you can give her that will make your intentions clear is a suspender belt. These sit low around the waist and have elastic bands that hook to thigh high stockings. Suspender belts make for an irresistibly sexy look that is sure to get both of you in the mood.


More of the Best Sexy Lingerie Brands to Choose From


If you are still wondering what high-quality sexy lingerie you should buy for your woman, here are some brands we recommend. If you buy from them, you just can’t go wrong!


True & Co.


This brand is known for products that lay flat against the skin, retain their stretch and have a buttery smooth fabric that won’t irritate skin. Their products are more on the sensible side with items like bralettes, balconettes and T-shirt bras being their most popular. However, your women will love these items so much, she is sure to thank you later.




Did you know Amazon has its own lingerie brand? That’s right! Mae offers items that are super affordable including sexy V-neck bodysuits as well as underwear and bras.


Hanky Panky


This brand has an impressive mix of everyday items like thongs, briefs and bralettes as well as standout pieces like its open gusset black lace teddy. Hanky Panky is known for providing high quality, comfortable and sexy designs.


Honeydew Intimates


Honeydew Intimates combines outrageously sexy designs with affordable prices. The provide modern designs that often features lace inserts and strappy details. Their ultra-sexy bodysuits are sure to be a turn on for both you and your lady.


Buttress and Snatch


If you are looking for sexy British lingerie, you’ve come to the right place. The name pretty much says it all but the fact that their customers include A-list celebrities like Madonna, Kate Moss, Beth Ditto, Neneh Cherry and Kate Upton speaks for itself. All their materials are purchased from UK suppliers and all the products are UK manufactured.




Bluebella is for the lady who wants to take her under wear to the next level. Not only do they provide luxurious and affordable undergarments, they also offer selections that range from girl next door pajamas to the sexiest lingerie pieces. Their style is feminine, chic, stylish and unique.


Claire Pettibone


This lingerie designer is known for her pretty, romantic pieces that are sure to make you feel like a princess. Her Heirloom bridal collection is known for being the utmost in classy lingerie featuring French lace and delicate embroidery. And with a client list that includes Camilla Belle and Demi Moore, you can expect the finest when it comes to quality and fashion.




The ultimate in sexy designer lingerie, Cosabella is known for it’s “Freedom of Color” collections with new hues introduced every season. They cater to women of every size with hot pants available up to size 22 and bras that go up to a G cup size. Their goal is to make functional undergarments look hot.


Dita Von Teese


If you are a fan of this reigning queen of burlesque, you are probably already familiar with her extensive lingerie line. Her story starts well before her rise to fame when she worked in a lingerie store in her teens and early twenties. She combines her love of vintage with her empowering image to provide cleavage enhancing, 1950’s style balconette bras and high waisted brief with her own modern and utterly sexy twist.


Kiki de Montparnasse


This luxury sexy lingerie was named for Man Ray’s muse, a French nightclub singer and painter who was the artist’s (and other artist’s) model in 1920’s Paris. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the Kiki de Montparnasse brand offers handcrafted vintage inspired pieces with collections made of pure silk and featuring details like French lace. The pieces can cost a pretty penny, but many say they are a worthwhile investment.


Something Wicked


This is a U.K. brand that offers the utmost in quality as well as irresistible looks. With a careful eye for detail, Something Wicked’s lingerie is handmade and features materials like Japanese poang leather and Chantilly lace. Not only do these items look great, they feel luxurious on the skin.




This British husband and wife team came together to offer unique silk underwear and lingerie for women. They started out as mail order company, but their rapid growth prompted them to set up their own manufacturing unit to satisfy the demand.


Jane Woolrich


The U.K. designer has made quite a name for herself. After 30 years in the industry, her collections have been showcased at lingerie fairs in Paris and New York allowing her to grow her business internationally. She is known for high quality, sexy pieces that include nightwear, lingerie and corsets.


Andrea Billard


All of Andrea Billard’s collections are designed, sourced and made in England. She provides sizes that range from AB to HL designed to fit every woman’s lifestyle and inspire their inner and outer beauty.


Buying lingerie for your woman can be challenging. Fortunately, there are many brands that provide high quality lingerie that is made to suit all sizes, styles and purposes guaranteeing there will be something perfect for your special someone. Which brands do you think she will love?

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