What Is Boudoir? Six Reasons You Should Give It A Try

What Is Boudoir? Six Reasons You Should Give it a Try

Wrap yourself in silk, lace, and satin – or perhaps nothing at all. In a boudoir session, you undress to dress up, exhibit fierce power while exposing your most vulnerable self, and ignore the outside world so that you can define what sexy means to you.

Boudoir photography has been around for almost a century. Bombshells like Marilyn Monroe, Rihanna, and Anne Hathaway have all dabbled in these sensual photoshoots. But you don’t have to be an international sex symbol to be the star of your own boudoir session. Its popularity is on the rise, and more and more women are sharing their positive and often life-changing experiences with this immensely empowering artform.


The term “boudoir” once had nothing to do with photography. Instead, it was a personal room entirely set aside for the use of a lady. She could escape social gatherings and prying eyes to pursue self-reflection and retreat into her own world. It was also a safe place in which her lover could meet with her – but only if he were invited and allowed inside.

Boudoir photography has turned these ideals of femininity, privacy, and intimacy into art. It celebrates your female form, no matter your size or shape. It’s classy, sexy, and hinges entirely on your whims, wishes, and wants. Boudoir is an artform, you are the muse that inspires it, and your body is the masterpiece on display.

Why Try Boudoir?

Fall back in love with your body

“One day I decided that I was beautiful, and so I carried out my life as if I was a beautiful girl… It doesn’t have anything to do with how the world perceives you. What matters is what you see.”
Gabourey Sidibe

Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder – it’s also rooted deeply within how you see yourself. Magazines, adverts, and films have told you what you must do to be desirable. They’ve told you how you must act to turn a man on, what you must wear to be noticed, and how little you are worth if you don’t meet designated beauty standards.

But boudoir photography is your chance to take all these rules and dash them to pieces. It’s your turn to recognize the most alluring parts of your perfectly imperfect body. Embrace your feminine curves, revel in your hard-won scars, and relish every idiosyncrasy that proves you are alive and gloriously human.

And if you have a hard time identifying these tantalizing qualities within yourself, don’t worry. A good boudoir photographer knows how to emphasize and capture your sexiest features.

Embrace the seasons of your body

Time waits for no one, and as a woman your body will continue to change as you enter each new phase of your life. You may see the wrinkles forming at the corner of your mouth, the cellulite along your upper thigh, or the way your breasts don’t sit as high as they did before you gave birth.

But boudoir photography allows you to view these things differently. Your smile lines are proof of the immense joy you have given and received, the ample curves of your hips are pure feminine temptation, and your full breasts are symbols of the immense power you have to create new life.

Whether you are at the height of your youth, brimming with the vital energy of pregnancy, or gracefully transitioning into the elegance of middle age, boudoir captures and venerates the shifting seasons of your body.

Have fun and find out what sexy means to you

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
Marilyn Monroe

Even in the early days of boudoir, the models knew how to have a good time. Women often wore top hats or bowties in their shoots – objects normally denied to them. There’s nothing like a bit of mischief between the sheets to discover new and exciting ways to give and receive pleasure. A lot of the time, sexy means being comfortable enough to embrace the forbidden and “play” with your partner.

Intimacy is only possible when you are comfortable with yourself and your lover. When you’re at ease, you’re free to experiment and discover the best parts of passion. A boudoir photoshoot is the perfect place to do this. You can try on new personas and test out unfamiliar roles, all without the risk of feeling silly in front of your lover.

Lingerie and props are excellent ways to do this, so don’t be afraid to try something new. In the end, you’ll get to handpick those images that you feel show your sexiest self – and throw out any you’re uncomfortable with.

Celebrate life’s milestones with a gift that never ages

Another benefit of boudoir photography is that it’s an excellent way to commemorate the most important events of your life. Nothing amps up the anticipation of your wedding night like a pre-ceremony shoot featuring you in a lacy garter and satin lingerie.

Boudoir can also immortalize your heightened libido during pregnancy while fanning the flames of your lover’s desire for your changing body. And if you find yourself bored with a stagnant or dull sex life, you can spice things up by dressing in daring lingerie and striking provocative poses in front of the camera.

Whatever the event, boudoir photographs can be an exciting gift that your lover will never forget. And they’re a great way of reminding yourself of your happiest – and sexiest – moments.

Discover your most powerful self

“I have fun being sexy and tough at the same time.”
Christina Aguilera

Don’t confuse boudoir photography with its lewd cousin. Some pornography tends to turn women’s bodies into objects to be consumed by hungry male eyes. But with boudoir, you are depicted as more than just a “thing” that only exists to pleasure others.

Instead, you are portrayed as the complex and powerful woman you truly are. You are in utter and complete control during your photoshoot. You choose what to wear, who to show your images to, and what sexy means to you.

\You’re the goddess of your shoot, and the photographer is your disciple. His or her job is to capture your most alluring and erotic features so that you can invite others to worship at the temple of your body.

Thus, a boudoir session can be immensely empowering. When you see yourself day in and day out, it’s easy to forget how enticing and sexually evocative you really are. Boudoir acknowledges that desire is more than just physical. You are sexy for who you are, both on the inside and out.

Show your troubles who’s boss

Life isn’t always rainbows and puppy dog tails. We all face challenges, some more daunting than others. Boudoir enables you to take back the power you might have lost to a traumatic event or devastating loss.

With boudoir, you can rediscover your desirability and worth after a bad breakup or divorce. Some women pay tribute to their current physical selves by baring all in front of the camera before undergoing a mastectomy or major surgery. And you can even celebrate your victory over a past illness or disease; for some, this might be overcoming an eating disorder or going into remission after grueling cancer treatments.

Like anyone experiencing a big win after a long period of misfortune, you have the right to exult in you and your body’s ability to survive hardship and loss. Boudoir can’t solve a bad situation, but it can help you find the beauty, triumph, and joy in overcoming it.

No matter how shy or self-conscious you are, a good boudoir photographer can put you at ease, help you explore your most sensual self, and provide you with images that will empower and provoke for years to come.

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